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We've created and keep improving OctaTrader to help you earn more efficiently. The platform adopted a charting technology by TradingView. Their market analysis service offers the latest currency rates, including EURUSD and GBPUSD and tools allowing you to keep track of markets, important news, and upcoming events, similarly to the Economic Calendar.

  • Saves you time Enjoy the unity of your trading space. Your profile, accounts, and financial transactions are all at your fingertips.
  • Opens new opportunities Experience the convenience of multiplatform—uninterrupted trading from any device.
  • Improves your trading Benefit from knowledge of financial markets—now you have constant and easy access to market analytics.

OctaTrader—it's like you created it

  • One-touch trading
  • Terminal alerts
    and notifications
  • Information on brokerage
    promotions and programs
  • Seamless deposits
    and withdrawals
  • Access to regularly
    updated analytics
  • Customer Support in connection
    with the platform developers
  • Trade right on the chart
  • Set Stop Loss and Take Profit levels
  • Use the partial close option for your orders
  • Set pending orders

Extensive web trading functionality by OctaTrader

Experience the ultimate trading immersion with OctaTrader.

  • Different types of charts
  • Most popular indicators
  • Visual technical analysis tools
  • Nine timeframes for every style of trading
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Instant switchover between your accounts

Trading platform for your device

Use OctaTrader online trading platform in your Octa trading app on Android or iOS.

OctaTrader—it's personal

The idea of making the trading space more comfortable was the start. Only the traders themselves could give us a better insight into their preferences. Over two years of research and development, we have interviewed traders worldwide, discussing the platform’s usability.

With this knowledge, we created our platform to help you make money through smart and well-controlled investments.

‘To me, comfort with stop loss and take profit levels is an important part of risk management. I can now partially close orders and control my profits and losses. That's so easy!’
‘I open and close orders, including pending orders, easily. It's convenient to monitor the process—and everything seems familiar, all the actions, but in the OctaTrader it's somehow easier’.
‘It wasn't clear to me how bonuses worked. In OctaTrader, everything is intuitively understood. By completing the bonuses, I can truly control my margin’.

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