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How to get your account verified

  1. Start a new verification request.
  2. Select an ID to submit from a drop-down menu: identity document (ID), driver’s licence, passport, residence permit, or other documents.

For identity document (ID): take a picture of its front side

For driver’s licence: take a picture of its front side

For passport: take a picture of its front side

For residence permit: take a picture of its front side

For other documents: take pictures of both sides
Most smartphone cameras with default settings will work. 

  1. Ensure all four corners of your document are visible, and the text is in focus and readable. We do not accept images that only show part of the document. Your face should be clearly visible, and the image of the document should be bright.
  2. Upload the photos of your document in the JPG format, 10 MB maximum
  3. Press the Submit Request button. 
  4. Wait for our email—we’ll tell you when the verification is complete. This usually takes a few minutes but may sometimes take up to two hours.
    If something goes wrong and we cannot verify you, follow the tips from this email and repeat your request.

Tips for completing verification successfully

If the face on your ID is not clear, take a selfie with that ID

Or even ask someone to take a good picture of you with your document.

  1. Take a close-up photo of your ID. Check that the focus is clear and the document is fully visible in the photo.
  2. Take a photo of yourself holding this ID—front side to the camera. We will need to see your face and the document details in one image. Don’t worry, we do not share this private information openly.
  3. Make a new verification request on the same device where you saved the photo.

You can verify and operate only one profile with us

We work in accordance with international laws, and to comply with them, we need to know to whom we are sending money. Since only one person can be associated with one profile, we only allow the creation of one Personal Area.

Your Personal Area on our site allows you to create multiple trading accounts to fully enjoy our services.

If you’ve lost access to your Personal Area, try to restore access to it by pressing Forgot Password on the Log in page or contact our Customer Support.

If you do not know your OctaFX PIN, you can restore it under your Personal Area → ⚙️ → Restore Passwords.

Make sure all four corners of the ID are shown on the photo

  1. Put the document on a flat surface with sufficient lighting.
  2. Hold your smartphone or camera with both hands. Place the whole document in the image frame of the camera. Make sure the focus is clear, and push the shutter button. Take a photo of the backside in the same way if needed.
  3. Make a new verification request on the same device where you saved the photo.

Refrain from modifying the image of your ID