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American equity markets open negatively Monday

The US Stock market experienced a negative opening Monday in the absence of any US data. Beginning with the indices and composites, the NASDAQ fell -0.45% as it settles in region of 3165.15, up +14.10 points in these moments. In addition, the S&P 500 is trading in negative territory, operating at 1503.28, descending -9.65 points or -0.64% at the time of writing. Finally, the Dow Jones has moved lower at the opening as well, trading in the zone of 13915.75, presently -0.67% after an fall of -94.04 points.
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Gold trading at $1667.71

Gold’s near-term price action is congested between the zone of 1657 (31 January low) and 1681 (01 February spike high). According to Slobodan Drvenica an analyst at Windsor Brokers Ltd., “The near-term structure is negatively aligned, as lower range tops (excluding last Friday’s spikes) at 1673 caps the upside and price attempts through trendline support at 1665.”
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